Key to success: Effective & Reliable Study Material

It has been observed that there is no systematic and planned study material or books for the students preparing for the Engineering & Medical Entrance Examinations. The study material provided by various institutes is sub standard which is not capable of sorting out all the concepts. And mostly the study materials provided by various institutes are similar. Therefore considering this fact study material provided by SARDANA TUTORIALS for Competitive Exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT, and PMT is prepared subject wise by our experienced specialist teachers and experts, who have in depth knowledge, capability to devise new problems. This material makes a student methodical in approach temperamentally sound, quick and accurate in applying concepts. This material is self sufficient & reliable, so that one gets the knowledge scientifically and systematically from it. Comprehensive Study Packages provided by SARDANA TUTORIALS consists of following:


These notes consist of key concepts, memory tips, and important points. These notes are prepared in such a way, that while going through these notes the student feels that he/she is attending the class. These notes also include subjective applications of concept. It helps students in fixing the concept & ideas firmly in their mind. These notes also include suitable illustrations to ensure deeper understanding of concepts.


After the theory notes, problems of specific relevance (targeting individual exams) are provided. These consist of adequate problems for practice and final exam like tests to build a "Exam-Typical" temperament.


The better the simulation the better the preparation is the spirit of this module. These problems are provided in following sections.

Fundamental PROBLEMS


This section of problems consists of logically arranged sequence of problems which enable the students to understand the basic fundamentals and key concepts. The advantage of these problems is that student becomes absolutely clear about basic concepts that might go unnoticed during the progress of theory.


This section consists of thought provoking and challenging problems. Level of difficulty in this section is deliberately kept higher than relevant exam to test the students’ comprehension and application of basic concept and principles so that student gets thorough practice before he / she actually faces the relevant exam. Problems of this section ignite student's thinking process and develop a temperament to face new and challenging problems

Previously asked problems<

These problems contain problems from past year's entrance exams. With the help of this section students familiarize with the pattern of questions asked in examinations.

Miscellaneous problems package

These packages comprises of problems involving concepts of various chapters and topics. The basic objective of these sheets is to develop the capability of students to solve complex problems. These problems make students familiar with the approach to apply different concepts to a problem. These problems also boost the confidence of a student.